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A Visitors Guide to Writer Square, Denver

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 9.49.18 AM

Out of all the blocks throughout Denver, Writer Square is one of my favorites.

My favorite restaurant in all of Denver, Cafe Calore, the restaurant in my photo above, has sadly closed. I remember many fond memories there since Writer Square is only about a five minute walk from Auraria Campus.

According to Westword, Illegal Burger will be replacing the spot Cafe Caloré held for so long.

Writer Square has over 60,000 square feet with a mixture of both stores, seating, apartments, and restaurants. One side sits on 15th St, while the opposite side sits on 16th St. Between Larimer and Lawrence.

While I haven’t stopped in Crepes N’ Crepes, I have heard it is worth every second to swing in for some of the best crêpes in Denver.

For drinks, between Roosevelt, The Front Porch, and Polished Tavern, you will definitely find what you need.

American Apparel, Tewksbury & Co, and Overland will take care of all your shopping needs.

For food, you have the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factor, Rocket Fizz for candy, Crepes N’ Crepes, and the soon-to-open, Komotodo, which will serve sushi burritos.


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